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2014-03-11 08:38:38 by lokninjax

What happen to the store it's supporting? Ok idk why tell me

Guess I'm talking to my self?

2014-03-10 09:13:39 by lokninjax

Hey who are you me ? I'm a hacker no I'm not vern lok

ok im shit hacker

alright i owned this user vern lok 

ok you gave the password hacker

srsly ? Vern lok

Pls tell me

Hmm ?

2014-02-08 02:30:28 by lokninjax

Why and what happen to jackkrimfe ? Zapchon? Madnesia19? Awegan2cffcka? Gib50? Srsly why 




go down




















































































welcome to the heaven (lokninjax password not sayed out yet ) and tell me why take 100 Molotov to throw everything

What should i do ?

2014-02-06 08:24:02 by lokninjax

Hey i have nothing to do anyone can tell me i think i should create a boring madness

i hope is awesome pls and yea new list of bounty hunters / ultamate freinds list 

Bad and good news

2014-02-03 08:44:41 by lokninjax

Good news : i have updated some good drawings and  got holidays i watch some movies and i find out undermined unknowns name

bad: no madness combat can't hang out im stuck ing a brain with leisurely ragtime and stick zombies movie wait so long


2014-01-29 08:01:11 by lokninjax

What happened to krinkels he is not making madness day 2014????? Wut is this well i catch my fav ppls movie to!!! :)

Hacks and stuff

2014-01-28 03:26:01 by lokninjax

Do anybody hates hacks or something bad happens like the 666? I never try dat before ok and stuff this is kinda nothing ok  aaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwww and yea do you like stick zombies or pivot i like them and there's a viedio called why call of duty2 zombies sucks yea thats kinda funny 

Nothing to do !!!!!!!

2014-01-26 20:21:19 by lokninjax

Nobody does anything to me i sick today but nothin to do anyone tell me what to do im doing something on the shit ass :/

Is a ladie or guy i dont know and from awgwen99ffcka's news who is she/he i apecerate i dont know u ok its nothing ok who is this ???????????????????? Money here$9081273645 thx dont let her/him know this crap of shot